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Having a swimming pool can be a wonderful thing, but there will come a time when every pool reaches the end of its useful life. This can happen for several reasons.

Swimming pools, even the best in-ground pools, simply don't last as long as a home. For this reason alone, just about anyone who has a swimming pool will at some point need to remove or replace it. As swimming pools age, they typically lose their aesthetic value, causing problems with liners, equipment, leakage, and cracking.


Maintaining a swimming pool can also be a huge expense. Many people, once they realize that they no longer use their pool as much as they once did, decide that the best thing to do is remove the pool rather than continue to pay for its maintenance.

Whatever the reason, the decision to remove your swimming pool is an important one. A swimming pool can be a liability forever if not properly removed. There are two approaches to pool removal—the "complete removal" and the "cave-in technique". The complete removal is just what it sounds like, however the cave-in technique will vary depending on the type of pool you own. It is important to understand your options before making your decision.

Complete Removal:

Complete removal is just what it sounds like—the pool is completely removed. We leave no cement, no pipes, no unwanted decking, no equipment or anything else related to the pool. The hole should then be filled with high-quality fill and compacted, thus returning the yard to its pre-pool state. This method is recommended if the customer has future plans to build where the pool is located.

Cave-In Technique:

This is the most popular and cost-effective method for removing an unwanted swimming pool. However, the "cave-in technique" will vary depending on what type of in-ground pool you have.

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