• Free inspection and evaluation
  • Free planning and estimating
  • Free written quote and explanation
  • Proof of insurance
  • Detailed contract with fixed prices/no deposit
  • Fixed starting dates
  • Permits completed and submitted where required

Removal Procedures:

  • Utilities disconnected
  • Pool pumped out
  • Fences and shrubs removed and either replaced or disposed of (4x8) plywood sheets to be laid down from entree point to pool site to eliminate damage to property
  • Removal from site of all pool equipment/metal/wood and plastic
  • All concrete broken 12"x12" or smaller pieces and placed in pool hole if allowed or hauled away if required
  • Pool hole filled and compacted to insure proper settling


  • Area graded and set to insure proper drainage
  • Screened top soil applied
  • Area graded and raked
  • Supply and installation of #1 sod or grass seed
  • All disturbed areas repaired with top soil and grass seed
  • A complete cleanup of your road frontage and property will take place at the end of every work day

Job Completion

Upon job completion all our customers can expect a folder containing a pictorial history of each stage of the project.

The folder will also contain copies of all vendor packing slips to insure that all materials used are contaminant free.

How We Do It

Complete Removal:

Complete removal is just what it sounds like—the pool is completely removed. We leave no cement, no pipes, no unwanted decking, no equipment, or anything else related to the pool. The hole is filled with high-quality fill and compacted, thus returning the yard to its pre-pool state. This method is recommended if the customer has future plans to build where the pool is located.

Cave-In Technique

This is the most popular and cost effective method for removing an unwanted swimming pool. Our "cave-in technique" varies depending on what type of in-ground pool you have.

Galvanized Liner:

In the case of galvanized liner pools, we completely remove the liner as well as any plastic or aluminum trim associated with it. We then cut our standard six-foot by six-foot holes in the bottom of the pool to allow for proper drainage. At this point, the galvanized steel is then cut back to a minimum of twenty-four inches below grade. It is then removed from the site to be recycled. We do not cut corners when completing this task.


With gunite/concrete, we cut two six-foot by six-foot holes in the bottom of the pool to allow for proper drainage. The sides are then cut eighteen to twenty-four inches below ground level. Once the sides are placed in the bottom the pool, we then break the concrete into 12"x12" or smaller pieces to prevent sinkage and settling.

In Both Cases:

Any unwanted concrete and or interlocking patios can be broken up and placed in the bottom of the pool before the fill-in of the pool takes place.


At Swimming Pool Removal, we only use material of the highest quality. All of our material is purchased from gravel pits and is specially tailored to suit your pool fill-in needs.

Clean fill and other material used by other contractors may contain contamination and unwanted debris. The owners can be held liable in the future if they are found to have contaminated soil in their yard. That is why it is of the upmost importance to have material that is purchased from gravel pits.

All the materials we use are guaranteed to be contaminant-free.

We do not use free excavated material (clean fill).

Indoor Pool Covered Pool Completely Removed Filled In Pool Covered With Grass

Contact Information

Swimming Pool Removal

11369 Concession Road 4
Zephyr, ON L0E1T0

Business Number: 647-239-Pool (7665)
Fax Number: 905-852-4751


Who We Are:

Welcome to Swimming Pool Removal, the swimming-pool fill-in name you can trust when making the decision to reclaim your yard.

As a swimming pool demolition and removal company, we specialize in the complete demolition removal and fill-in of your unwanted swimming pool.

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